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The Guidebook contains all of the information you'll need during your travels across the island of Alpenglow. Inside you'll find all of the basic rules and resources, as well as the in-character history. You can also post in the name claim thread, or look for naming inspiration from our lists of local flora and fauna!
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If you're looking to catch up on all the latest news on Alpenglow, this is the place to go!
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All good things eventually come to an end. Browse the archives for the biographies of inactive, incomplete, or deceased characters, as well as read through past role plays.
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This is the only place on the forum where you may advertise. Please post in the correct section, either 'first time' or 'link back.' You can request to be our affiliate here as well.
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Join us in the members lounge to chat about anything and everything! There are games to play as well as a staff board you may have access to if you're on the staff team. You should also come here when you first join to post an introduction about yourself, and get to know our community! If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, you'll find the absences board here too. You can even post a suggestion about the site for staff to review.
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If you want to show off your artwork, writing, crafts, photography, graphics, ceramics, etc, this is the place to do it! You may set up art trades or create art shops and take requests in exchange for on-site currency, or just set up a portfolio for everyone to drool over your creations. This is also a good place to test tables.
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In this board you'll find our character guidelines, which will help you create your first character, as well as several templates you may wish to use. This is also the home of the encouraged, discouraged, and banned page, which you'll want to check out before creating a character. Biographies that are works in progress or pending acceptance are found here as well.
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After your biography has been accepted by a staff member, it will be moved to one of the sub-boards in here, depending upon your character's affiliation. If your character doesn't belong to any groups, there's a category for that too.
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Trackers can be useful places to store your character's artwork, relationship network, table templates, and more. Many use this area to help keep track of which threads their characters are in at any given time, as well as what threads they've finished and with whom. One thread per person, please.
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Half of the fun of any roleplay is plotting! If you're looking for dramatic love, heartbreak, tragedy, sibling rivalry, or anything really to spice up your roleplays, this is the place to go. This board also contains a sub-board for adopting characters made by others, and another sub-board for submitting breeding requests in order to have kittens born to your character.
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The more easy-going of the two clans, Duskclan makes their home in a cove along the shoreline of the island. A lengthy black sand beach and many tide pools provide for ample fishing opportunities. Adventurous apprentices enjoy exploring the old shipwreck that rests along the beach, when they're not training with their mentors. Duskclan is more willing to take in outsiders, as they can afford to have a few more mouths to feed, while Glacierclan cannot.
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Glacierclan cats are tough as nails, and at times may seem as cold as the icy wind that blows across their tundra. Though their existence is a difficult one, they have carved out a life for themselves amidst the scarce vegetation. The few trees found here are short and hardy. The best places to hunt are in the meadows, though some cats prefer chasing snow hares across the frozen tundra.
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There is much to see outside the respective microcosms of the colony cats. The bustling city of Kotturland lays north of Duskclan. At the edge of the tundra lies the gathering place, a field of boulders. Out on the rocky cliffs lays a small pool, open to the sky, which reflects the light of the moon and the northern lights; medicine cats go here to commune with Starclan. The haunted bogs provide a border between the clans.
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The Cult lands are just as frightening as the cats themselves. Sitting just on the outskirts of the bog, the desolate foggy land can make anyone turn tail and run. Thick mist sweeps over stagnant water pools and dying grasses. Some cats whisper of wails that can be heard in the night, or shadow creatures that slink through the fog as they search for their next victim. A veil of mystery lies over the land, keeping cats with any good sense far away.
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